Drive By Post

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by Kally83
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I've been MIA but we've had a lot of things going on around here lately and I just don't seem to have time (or energy) to sit down and post! I promise to be back soon but I can't say for sure just yet when that will be.

I'm honoured to have been chosen as a Wonderful Web Witch Award winner by Pagan by Design
Wonderful Web Witch Award Winner
Thank you so much!!

A quick explanation for my disappearance and why I'll continue to be MIA for a little while longer: we have a new family member on the way!!! Yes, I found out a few weeks ago that a 3rd little witchlet will be joining our brood in April! Now that we're mostly past the shock, we're very excited although for the time being I'm "enjoying" the ever present morning sickness (whoever named that malady obviously has not seen me pregnant...24/7 nausea is far more accurate!) I warn you, once I start to feel like myself again, this blog will likely turn into my personal pregnancy journal! Our first midwife appointment is September 19th. Hopefully I'll be around before then but if not, I'll be sure to post some updates.

Brightest blessings!