Better Late Than Never....

Posted Friday, December 3, 2010 by Kally83
Ok, I've seen this on a few pages now and really like the idea so here goes:

Age: 27

Bed Size: Queen (hoping for a King at some point though so we can have an actual family bed rather than a rotating one LOL)

Chore you hate: Cleaning toilets

Dogs Name: Tatum

Essential start to your day items: Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Favourite Colour: Pink

Gold or Silver: White gold

Height: 5'3"

Instruments you play: Does the recorder count? I can sing.

Job: Stay at home mommy

Kids: 2 boys

Living Arrangements: Townhome with Boo, Munchkin, Bean, a dog and two cats

Music You Love: Name it and I likely enjoy at least some of it

Nicknames: Minou

Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None...and even for Bean's birth there was no overnight stay at the hospital :)

Pet Peeve: Oh, where do I start? Drivers who don't give you the "wave" when you let them in front of you

Quote from a movie: I don't really watch a lot of movies

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 little sister

Time you wake up: Depends on when the boys wake up

Underwear: Yes?

Vegetable you dislike: Tomatoes (ok so they're a fruit)

Workout Style: Yoga and chasing a 2 year old while carrying a 5 month old

X-rays you’ve had: Back and teeth

Yummy food you make: Not sure about yummy but I love decorating cakes

Zoo, best place to visit: Tigers baby!


  1. ~*Gypsy*~

    Ha ha ha, I hate tomatoes too unless they are cooked in some way like a sauce or chili, but just raw?? YICK! And I'm right there with ya on the coffee!

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