Trying My Hand at Gardening

Posted Thursday, April 28, 2011 by Kally83
I am a self-proclaimed blackthumb. I'm pretty sure I've killed just about every plant I've ever had in my care which doesn't speak well for someone who's supposed to be close to nature. Boo and I have been working on making something of a garden since we moved here 2.5 years ago. We did manage to pretty up the garden area and plant a beautiful pink something or other (that we're pretty sure ain't coming back this year despite being a perennial). We planted a raspberry bush last year and so far it looks like it might be coming back so this will be a first for us.

For a birthday gift (did I mention it was my birthday earlier this month?), my mom gave me a bunch of seed packets, some new gardening gloves and a gardening magazine. So sweet but such a waste.....or maybe not. I took the plunge with Munchkin 2 weeks ago and planted some marigold seeds in pots to try and get them growing to transplant once the final frost date has passed here. And guess what?



Ta da! Houston, we have sprouts. Maybe there's some hope after all!


  1. Diandra

    Hehe, so you got the "brown thumb", too...

    Gardening takes a lot of discipline and practice. Thus I am sure we're not hopeless cases after all.

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha....I love your blog - I too am a pagan blackthumb..LOL..
    I planted a vegie garden last year...didn't get one vegetable out of it - just a bunch of dead plants **sigh**
    Congratulations on the sproutings :o))
    BB )O(

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