Being Held Captive by Summer

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by Kally83
Wow!!! I haven't logged in since mid June and when I came back today, I've added almost 10 followers to my blog! Thank you all for joining us, despite the fact that I haven't been around lately! Summer has meant being outside with the boys all day long, coming in for supper, putting them to bed, getting a few minutes with Boo and then crashing as soon as I hit the pillow leaving very little computer time.

Since I last posted, Bean had his first birthday. We kept it relatively small but had a great time and as usual, he was spoiled! This is the cake I made for him:


We attended our first Pagan non-event event at Raven's Knoll over the long weekend (ours was the Friday-Sunday as July 1 was Canada Day). Really it was just a laid back weekend of camping with other Pagans and it was a great intro for us and the boys to the world of tent living. We camped often enough before we were married but once I got preggo with Munchkin...well we haven't been since.


It was a lot of fun, but wow, no matter how busy we kept those boys, sleep was still not on the agenda. We had hoped for it to be a prep for the last weekend of July and Kaleidescope Gathering but unfortunately, the money just ain't there this year so we're going to start saving as soon as we can so hopefully we'll be able to attend next year. I'm still a fest virgin and really need to change that!

It's been hot as hell here the past week or so. With the humidex it's regularly reaching temperatures of 38-40C (100-104F for my American friends) We don't have central air although we do have an A/C unit that we put in the kitchen to keep the downstairs coolish. I've found just using the dehumidifier on it makes a massive difference (and uses a heck of a lot less power) With gas hitting almost $1.30L we've been spending a lot more time close to home so we're trying to keep it comfortable.

Well, off to bake some muffins for my Women's Spirituality Group tonight (I know, because turning on the oven on a day like today makes so much sense....I never claimed to be smart :P)


  1. Anonymous

    The cake looks wonderful. Congratulations on your son's birthday.
    It's nice to hear you had a great time at the gathering.
    A Women's Spiritality Group sounds great. Wish we had something like that where I live !!
    Have a magical day.

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