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Posted Tuesday, August 3, 2010 by Kally83
Well, as anyone can tell, consistency is not something I'm very good at.  In all fairness though, life has taken some massive turns in the past few months but I guess that's how the journey goes.

My dad was in a horrible motorcycle accident on May 16th and has gone through 4 surgeries, a month and a half in the trauma unit at the hospital and to date is still in convalescence care.  We're still waiting for him to be able to put weight on his legs so he can commence the final part of this particular journey....rehab!  I know he's not looking forward to it.  Amidst all this, I gave birth to my second baby boy at the end of June.

To say that life with a newborn and a toddler is busy would be a massive understatement!  Thankfully, I have Boo home for the better part of the summer so the teams are equal.  He goes back in September and to be totally honest, I'm nervous as heck.  But I'm not thinking too much about that right now as we're heading off to the trailer on Saturday for a week and I'm super excited!  Take each day as it comes!

My spiritual journey has taken a huge backseat to everything else in my life which is odd for me because when big changes are happening, that's typically when I lean on "faith" the most but for the past few months, I feel like I've needed to just know that I can stand on my own two feet.  Lughnasadh came and went without much fuss (although we did prepare a nice meal in honour of it) but I feel like I need to start putting more effort into it.  I've gotten back in contact with some members of our local Pagan community so we'll see where that can lead to.  I guess this is where being in the broom closet can hinder my growth a little, but I'll work past it!


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