A Little Moon Magick....Hopefully!

Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by Kally83
PhotobucketTonight is the Full Flower Moon and along with my normal monthly Esbat, I'm planning on doing a little career magick for my hubby (with his help). He likes his job but is hoping for a new, higher paying position to open up (there's two potential places for this to happen but the HR department in his office isn't exactly "on the ball")

The plan so far is to do two parts, the first for the position to actually open and the second to give him what he needs to GET said position. We only really decided today to do this so I'm trying to throw a little something together (unfortunately, I really don't do all that much magick...only when we really need the extra boost of help). I'll post on Thursday with what we ended up doing because at this point, I only have some vague ideas.

I also have a few fun witchy things going on in the kitchen....

Happy Flower Moon!!


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