Monday, Monday

Posted Monday, May 2, 2011 by Kally83
Is it Monday already? I had such a busy weekend, I think I need a few days to recoup!

I successfully commenced my vegetarian journey yesterday. I went out for lunch with my mom and sister and rather than the typical burger that I would eat, I tried some vegetable Pad Sew (aside from different noodles, I'm not 100% sure what the difference is from Pad Thai) It was really yummy! Tonight we're trying a Salsa Fry-Up.

Today was Day 1 of the Global Sadhana: Japji. I haven't received the CD I ordered yet so I had to use a moderate-paced recording from the Spirit Voyage website and...well, I can't wait to get my CD that has the slow version on it. Yikes!!! It was very interesting though and I'm looking forward to this journey.

Today is Election Day up here in the Great White North. I voted in the advanced polls last weekend so thankfully I don't have to pack the kids up in this rain to go vote but I'm definitely looking forward to watching the polls tonight! I can't even wager a guess at this point what's going to happen so it should be interesting!


  1. Lydia

    Another friend is doing Meatless May, such a great thing! Hope you didn't have to pack the kiddles up in the rain.

  1. Anonymous

    All this talk about food is making me hungry... ha ha! ;)

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