A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted Thursday, January 13, 2011 by Kally83
So, I attended my second ever public ritual on Tuesday evening. It was with the Women's Spirituality Group but as it turns out, not the same one that I had spoken of many moons ago.

Can I tell you, it was frigging awesome! The rit was relatively basic and I know that a few of the more experienced practitioners were a little disappointed but much like them, I believe that things will get more deep as time goes on. With it being the first ritual for the group and having so many women new to public ritual they wanted to take it easy on us (which I really appreciated!)

It felt so good to circle with other women. I enjoy being a solitary practitioner, and probably always will, but there's something, dare I say, "magical", about working with other women. It looks like we'll be meeting every other month for now, with the hopes of meeting monthly in the near future :)


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