Friday's Fare

Posted Friday, January 28, 2011 by Kally83
I miss posting my recipes, so I've decided to bring back Friday's Fare. Now I just have to remember to always take pics of what I cook LOL

This recipe is a personal favourite of both mine and Boo's. So basic, yet super yummy!! It's pretty easy to just throw together but for measurements sake, click here for the recipe.

Bangers and Mash

Make up your mashed potatoes however you like them best (I personally have started adding some herb and garlic cream cheese it a little extra oomph!). Heat the sausages through, then fry up the onions. Make up some gravy according to package directions (if you make it from scratch it's even tastier but I rarely have opportunity to do this since you need drippings from something). Cover the bottom of a casserole dish with some of the gravy, line up the sausages, pour on the rest of the gravy then top with mashed potatoes. Bake for about 20 minutes and voila! All done! If I recall, the recipe says to let the potatoes brown, but if you do that, everything's going to overcook...just let the sides get a bit crispy and you're likely good to go.

Bon appetit!



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