Pagan Elitism?

Posted Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by Kally83
I've been a solitary practitioner pretty much from the get-go. At first it was more out of necessity as I had yet to make contact with the Pagan community. After I discovered the community, I attended one of their bi-monthly brunches. It was ok...I had already met one of the better known members of the community over coffee. Plus I had made contact with another Pagan stay-at-home-mom so she attended as well. Everyone else just kind of nodded at my presence. That didn't bother me, it's just sort of the way of things when there's a newbie in the crowd.
While eating breakfast that morning, the woman beside me attempted to engage me in conversation. I was thankful and readily answered question while asking a few of my own. Post conversation, a few other members of the community came up and started chatting. Nothing wrong with that of course. Until they started laying into Christians like there was no tomorrow!! I know, I know, the Church has hurt a lot of people, but can't we get past that and at the very least, just ignore them? There didn't seem to be any specific catalyst...just seems that Pagan conversation has to involve trashing Christians. Irritation hardly described what I felt at that moment. I didn't say anything of seemed kind of unwise to trash talk one of the more senior members of the community, especially considering how new I was, but I've never gone back.
Why does it seem to be that disliking Christians is a prerequisite for being Pagan? I admit, they can get on my nerves but you always get kooks in every religion so I certainly don't feel the necessity to single out Christianity. Did I miss a memo somewhere??


  1. Aisha

    this is the major reason i am solitary myself, I can't deal with the crap and trash talking, since I know plenty of good christians it seems ridiculous to lump all of them into one handbasket and throw them all away. Not everyone is perfect and many pagans seem to hold themselves above the Christians like they know something no one else knows and the smugness gets on my nerves, just like when a few christians think their way is the only way and get smug whenever you discuss any other faith. it just seems many carry their prejudice into the faith and don't feel they have to grow and let it go.
    great post thanks for touching on a sensitive subject
    Be blessed

  1. Aine O'Brien

    I was just talking about this. It doesn't make us look better to make the Christians look bad. I think it's childish actually and certainly not what I think Wicca is about. I was raised Catholic and I don't say anything negative about the religion (perhaps the behavior of certain clergy but not the religion) and I know that it has given many people comfort. Since I am of the mind that all gods are one, I think everyone should choose a belief system that gives them what they want out of it. What I don't like about some Christians however, (and I say SOME) is the way they try to convert others, and the total dismissal of any way other than their own. Having said that, I think some Pagans are dismissing other religions when they bash Christians or any other belief system. I really wish they'd stop.

  1. ~*Gypsy*~

    I remember being very disappointed when I came across people like that. Not all pagans are that way, just like not all christians are judgemental and annoying. It felt like a swift lesson in humility for me when I found out the religion I believed to be full of open accepting individuals turned out to have some judgmental people as well. You will find others who share your openness. You just have to look in the right places. *HUGS*

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