Our Story - Part Two of ?

Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2010 by Kally83
For all of the unromanticedness (ok, I made that word up) of our meeting, Boo made up for it ten-fold with our engagement.

The company I was working for at the time owned a box for our local OHL team. Typically it was used to schmooze with clients but once a year our big bosses brought all the staff and paid for all the food and booze we could handle. We, of course, were welcome to bring a guest. Boo came along and we had a great old time with my co-workers. At the end of the evening, the girls and I convinced our bosses to hit the bar with us (do you notice a theme here??) Boo declined the invitation but told me to have fun. We went although didn't stay out late because, let's face it, by the time the hockey game was over, we were pretty much done anyway. I went home (we were living together by this point) and went to bed.

Roughly four hours later, Boo woke me up and told me to pack a bag and get my passport because I was being kidnapped. Obviously, the first thought I my head was "Haha, funny," but as it turns out, he was serious. So I rather begrudgingly packed a bag (and passport) and we set off. Boo told me I could sleep for a bit, so naturally, I did.

He woke me up about an hour later because we were about to cross the Canada/United States border. After crossing, he handed me the directions. Final destination: New York City! I was soooo excited.
We arrived countless hours later and checked into the Dream hotel. It was incredible! We settled in a bit and then headed out to dinner. I can't remember the name of the place we went now but the food was fantastic! After dinner, he suggested we walk through Central Park to burn off some of our supper.

We got to the park and after strolling around a bit, he told me a trip to New York wouldn't be complete without a carriage ride. So we found a carriage, hopped in and settled back to enjoy the ride.

About 10 minutes into the ride, he handed me an old ring of mine (a la Walmart) and told me he'd found it when we were packing to move and thought I might like it back since it was my favourite. It made him sad that I didn't wear it because it turned my finger green (told you it was cheap) so he had had it re-made so I could wear it all the time. At this point, he got down on one knee (yes, in a moving carriage) and asked me to be his wife. I can honestly say that this was one of the few moments in my life when I've been speechless. I just sort of nodded and the poor guy had to ask me "Does that mean yes?". I managed to squeak out a tiny yes and he put an exact replica of my favourite ring on my finger made of real gold and diamonds.

We stayed in New York for 3 more days and enjoyed countless lovely meals, shopped till we dropped at Macy's and went to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. It was romantic, fun and just incredible.


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