Hydro Woes

Posted Friday, November 12, 2010 by Kally83
So the providers of my hydro have kindly informed us that effective....well, sometime....if we use hydro during peak hours it’s going to be a significantly higher cost than to use it during non-peak hours. Ok, I get it. I’m all about going green. The problem I have is that non-peak hours are from 9pm-7am.

You see, there’s this thing that I do every day called laundry. I’ve spoken before about my cloth diapers and unfortunately, they don’t wash themselves (though if someone could invent self-washing diapers, I’d be all over that like white on rice!). Now, here’s a little riddle for you....if I’m washing diapers, it means I also have what? You got it! Children in diapers! Now for anyone who has or had children in diapers you know that by the time 9pm rolls around, you’re completely exhausted and the LAST thing you want to be doing is STARTING your laundry. Ok, fair enough. Let’s look at the other possibility...getting them washed before 7am. I rest my case.

Now, they’ve sweetly said that hydro will be at the cheaper rate over the course of the weekend. I appreciate this, I really do. Problem is the weekend is when we’re normally trying to do family stuff...ya know, since me and my boys don’t get to see my husband all week. Plus, this is the time I do those pesky chores that I have to be fully involved in...like cleaning bathrooms....while hubby has guy time with the boys. Combined with the fact that I only have enough diapers to last me 2ish days you have a recipe for a horrendously over-scheduled, exhausted mommy.

But, as the manager of my home, I need to keep our finances in check (by doing the laundry during non-peak hours to save $$$) and encourage green living (by doing the laundry during non-peak hours to reduce the greenhouse gases caused by the power plants). Just don’t expect me to be happy about it :P


  1. Mother's Moon's Message

    it is times like these that I am so thankful we have a well...

  1. Aine O'Brien

    Yeah - isn't that ironic that the person who uses cloth diapers - who chooses to wash and reuse cloth rather than buy and throw away plastic (not to mention that by using cloth you do not contribute to the horrible pollution that comes with plastic manufacturing) should have to suffer because someone decided that this is the way we WILL conserve. (sorry I think I'm grouchy today :) ) I use cloth napkins and avoid plastic whenever possible - but of course that means washing and reusing too. Aggghhh. This drives me crazy. Why is it that the consumer always has to be penalized? What about the responsibility of the manufacturer? It's not like we have very many choices anyway - I mean have you ever tried to buy something NOT made of plastic? And then when we do have a choice, we have to pay for that too. Ok, I'll shut up now. Maybe you could set up some sort of timer?? I'll think about you when I'm washing my dinner napkins at midnight!!

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