Our Story - Part One of ?

Posted Monday, November 8, 2010 by Kally83
November is a special month for Boo and I. We started dating in November 2005 and got engaged in November 2006.

We met through a mutual friend. She was my supervisor at work and she and Boo were part of a regular group of bar-hoppers. For Halloween 2005, they all decided to hit the club but this time she invited me and another of our co-workers. We all met at her place to “pre-drink” and it was here that I met Boo. Apparently he was interested because he came over and we chatted for most of the evening until we left for the bar. We danced a bit but, frankly, he was far too short for me (I typically only dated guys over 6’...Boo’s about 5’7”). My co-worker and I left early.

A couple weeks later, the plan was to go out again and so my supervisor gave Boo our emails so he could include us in the planning loop. He sent me an email telling me that we weren’t allowed to leave early this time. We emailed a bit back and forth but I didn’t think much of it until my supervisor told me that Boo had been snooping around asking her questions about me. I still wasn’t 100% sure how I felt since he was nothing like the guys I normally dated, but he was cute and built (Why yes, I was that shallow!) I decided to just go with it and see what happened. Since Boo had an apartment downtown at the time, I asked if I could stay at his place after the bar so I wouldn’t have to bus and then walk home (I was much braver and stupider in those days). He agreed. Now I know what you’re thinking...unfortunately, I can’t really answer the question of what I was expecting to happen that night or if I was even planning on anything happening. I guess it was part of my "winging it". Apparently, it worked. We returned to his apartment after a great night (a little too great maybe) and in his highly inebriated state, he asked me if I’d be his better half. Not exactly the most romantic, but it worked.

The next morning, I wasn’t entirely sure what to say. I didn’t know exactly how drunk he’d been so wasn’t sure he even remembered anything from the previous night. Being the brave and stupid person I am, I just asked. He, in fact, did remember but apparently didn’t know the precise words he used (actually, he didn’t know them until I was regaling some of our friends with this story later on).

And thus began the story of Boo and I.

Our first trip together, Cuba, February 2006


  1. Mother's Moon's Message

    lovely story... your comments about height makes me think of my daughter and her husband... she did not go out with him at first because he was shorter than she prefered... but like you things transpired and love bloomed

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