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Posted Thursday, November 4, 2010 by Kally83
PhotobucketI’m a cloth diaper convert. Munchkin was in disposables until he was 2 and shortly after his birthday, a girl I know was selling her cloth diapers and so I bought them from her. Bean has been in cloth since he was about a month old (technically 2 weeks if you count the time we were using the trial pack from our local baby store). I LOVE cloth! They are easy and cute. It’s also fantastic to know that I’m no longer sending hundreds of disposables to my local landfill where they will spend the next however-many-hundreds of years decomposing.

I write about this now because CBS put up this piece of garbage segment about Cloth vs Disposables. Now, admittedly, I’m no journalist, but watching this kinda made me wonder if the woman doing the interview had even studied journalism. Frankly, I would have assumed there would be a little more research done. And I can’t say much for the paediatrician either. I’m sure she’s great at being a doctor but her knowledge of cloth diapers is practically non-existent so I would maybe have interviewed her on something a little more related to her to prevent the flu perhaps?

To me, a real VS segment consists of two sides. They should have spoken to someone on the cloth side of the fence and one on the disposable side of the fence...ya know, people who had actually USED the products??

That’s not to say that I look down on people who use I said at the beginning, Munchkin was in them until he was 2. But it infuriates me that this type of journalism is passed as fact.

One comment after the video wondered about the “diaper origami” that the paediatrician performed and I have to say, she’s right. Cloth diapers come in many shapes, sizes, colours and prints....including all-in-ones (AIO) that are just washable disposables (these are what I use on Munchkin now). Practically no one uses the fancy folds she was doing and I have yet to meet a cloth diapering mom who uses pins anymore (maybe there’s some out there but I haven’t met them).

Alright, I’ll step down off my soap box now.

If you’re looking for good info on cloth diapers, here’s a great website you can check out.


  1. Mother's Moon's Message

    way to go... after researching cloth some time back I could not believe what disposables do... and they are soooo much easier then when I had kids... and so cute too..

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