The Peanut Butter Incident

Posted Friday, November 5, 2010 by Kally83
PhotobucketIt doesn’t happen often, but I really hate having to do a load of laundry twice. Friday’s are laundry day in my house and so I ran up and down stairs all day changing loads from basket to washer, washer to dryer, dryer to basket and then back upstairs for folding.

The first load was Munchkin’s clothes. I typically have enough of his clothes to do his own load and today was no different. I washed them and then into the dryer they went. As I was putting them into their basket after drying, I noticed an empty peanut butter package at the bottom of the know, the kind you get at the restaurant. Weird. Then it hit me. Crap. A quick glance at the clothes didn’t reveal anything so I shrugged it off figuring the wash cycle probably cleaned it all away anyway. I was wrong. As I pulled out each item of clothing, I noticed small smearings of peanut butter over every single article. Needless to say, I was highly irritated. So I started thinking to myself, “How does peanut butter get into the wash anyway?” Munchkin is 2 and doesn’t even know he HAS pockets, let alone what to do with them. I called up Boo at work. “What brilliant mind put a package of peanut butter in Munchkin’s pocket?” We thought for awhile before Boo figured out that it was probably his mom (my mother-in-law) while we were at breakfast with them this past Sunday.

I love my MIL. She’s a sweet woman with a wonderful heart. We’ve had our share of head-butting when it comes to parenting, which is understandable since we parented in entirely different generations (although I haven’t always sounded so sweet about it). But honest to goodness, what would compel her to put a package of peanut butter in a 2 year old’s pocket? (In my defence, I know I’m partially to blame here since I didn’t bother CHECKING his pockets first....but as I said before he doesn’t even know he HAS pockets so why would I?)
Anyway, I got the clothes clean without much fuss but I learned a valuable lesson. Despite how redundant the task may seem, do it anyway! Or never trust your mother-in-law! (j/k)

On a completely un-related note, I had to post this link as it pertains to my rant from yesterday. The awful example of journalism has been rectified and she has accepted the cloth diapering communities’ challenge to try cloth. Although I would happily pick apart the blog entry, I won’t. I’m happy to see she’s open to seeing the other side and I wish her nothing but the best of luck. I’ll be watching closely to see what she thinks about the dark side :)


  1. Anonymous

    Okay, I nearly sprayed my tea over my keyboard as I read he doesn't even know he has pockets. I re-read it out-loud to my DH. Sorry you had to do the load twice but thank you for the early morning smile (and reminding me I am enjoying my grown girls) - Hugs and sparkles - WG

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