Tuesday Talk

Posted Tuesday, October 5, 2010 by Kally83
PhotobucketHere stands another week before us. It's been beautiful here the past few days (finally, after more rain than I've seen in ages!). I'm going to get the boys out soon to start collecting things for our Samhain altar. Once the caffeine kicks in anyway. Bean woke up...a lot...last night so I have that zombie feeling this morning.
This past Saturday, Bean and I participated in our local Breastfeeding Challenge and had a blast. The challenge itself is short and sweet but beforehand they had lots of great speakers talking about topics such as babywearing and breastfeeding resources in our community. They had some great door prizes and I was super excited when I won one (I rarely win anything!). I'm now reading my very own copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding put together by La Leche League. If you or someone you know is nursing, I highly recommend it!!
I'm also very excited because I'm in the process of expanding my Pagan horizons. A dear friend of mine has invited me to join the study group of her Alexandrian Wiccan coven and I've started the process of joining a local women's spirituality group. I have limited contact at the moment with our local Pagan community because they meet bi-weekly on Sunday mornings for brunch (while we're at the UU congregation) and once a month on Wednesday nights (which as of yet hasn't worked, either because it's just not in the budget or I can't get a babysitter) I'm far too shy to attend any of the festivals until I have a few more aquaintances (kind of a catch 22, I know) so these will be wonderful things for me to expand my knowledge and hopefully with that, spirituality.


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