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Posted Tuesday, October 19, 2010 by Kally83
PhotobucketPhew! This week has barely started and I’m already exhausted! Our weekend was ridiculously busy but, as always, lots of fun. Saturday morning we attended a local La Leche League meeting in the hopes of finding some new ideas on how to deal with our fussy, fussy Bean. We did get some good ideas and I’ll be trying a few things in the next four weeks (the time until the next meeting). After that we brought Munchkin to see some of his favourite TV characters live at a local mall. Too bad the poor kid was already exhausted, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Sunday was the usual morning ritual of breakfast and church. Then it was home for a nap and then on to my in-laws for dinner. Monday morning I had a follow-up eye appointment (I had a nasty reaction to my contact lenses about a month ago) and then we visited with my mom for the rest of the day. The boys and I went shopping with my sister in the late afternoon and got home just in time to pop dinner into the oven. I put Bean to bed, Boo got home from work and spent time with Munchkin and then after a little down time, it was bedtime for us.

I typically use my bit of downtime between the kids going to bed and my bedtime to catch up with all the blogs I’m reading (the numbers grow almost daily!). I was over catching up at The Whimsical Cottage and she talked a little about her relationship with the Tarot. She asked some thought-provoking questions that made me decide to look a little further into MY relationship with the Tarot (which I warn is practically non-existent!). I’ve always been drawn to cards but, growing up, never owned a deck because my mom wouldn’t allow occult items in our house (if only she realized the origins of a deck of playing cards huh?) At a sleepover in high school, one of my friend’s mom’s did a reading for each of us and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. Fast forward quite a few years and I started following my Pagan path. Suddenly, I looked at Tarot in a whole new light. It was no longer a rebellious game, but a legitimate way of learning new things about myself (and perhaps others) through divination. At this point in my life, we’re living on a really strict budget and so using a website that I found through another blog, I had Boo print out the images of the Rider-Waite onto cardstock (apparently he was really bored at work that particular day because he came home with the cards all cut and ready to go too!!) So far I’ve done one reading (yeah, I know...kinda sad, huh?) and I used a few sites online to get rough ideas for the meanings of the cards. I was actually pretty impressed at the accuracy of the reading. Basically the cards told me a little about who I was and who I’ve become....almost like they were saying “Yep, we know who you are and we’re looking forward to working with you”. I know a lot of people prefer to do it intuitively and I’m hoping to do that as well in future but since it was my very first time, I liked the idea of having something to work with and I’m so glad I did. That being said, I would love, one day, to be able to look through some other decks and find one that I really connect with, but until then, my homemade Rider-Waite and I will do just fine :)


  1. Mother's Moon's Message

    I was reminded of how busy children can cause ones life to be when we visited my grandkids last week. And they were even on fall break and still we had soccer and cheerleading practice, games and more....

    Enjoy though, because I can also attest to the fact that they grow up so fast....

  1. D.Suplicki

    From my own experiences and talking with others, the tried and true Rider Waite deck is where most people start off. I used the Universal Waite, which has the same images, but redone to be a bit softer in color. The fact that the cards are handmade is great, I would have never thought to do that.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  1. Native Of Northern New Hampshire

    A very informative interesting sight, much appreciated.


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