Web Wednesday

Posted Wednesday, October 6, 2010 by Kally83
I sat down to write this post at 9am and am only now (at 6pm) finally getting to actually writing it! Those boys of mine sure keep me hopping! It's another rainy day here but I guess that comes with the territory of autumn. I love the fall and I love the rain but it's getting a little excessive for my liking :) Moving along....

Let’s face it, one of the most complicated things you need to prepare for Samhain/Halloween is a costume! Costume Idea Zone has LOADS of ideas for homemade costumes for any age! I found a few cute ideas for my Munchkin that I hope I’ll be able to use this year!

Turn a box into any number of things...an aquarium, a box of popcorn....even a skill crane! Need an idea for you and your partner? How about a maid and butler? Or maybe A Roll in the Hay with the two of you in country clothes with straw coming out from random places (this one made me laugh!) The ideas are endless and even if you don’t find one that works for you specifically, it’s guaranteed you’ll get some great inspiration!


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