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Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2010 by Kally83
PhotobucketWell here we are.  The beginning of September, a new school year  (although we're not at that point yet), and a revamped blog. 

This past weekend was a good one.  Saturday, we all went to my friend's wedding.  We had a wonderful time and got home at midnight!!  We went for our weekly breakfast on Sunday morning although we opted out of church because we were all pretty exhausted still, plus the summer series really isn't that exciting.  Next Sunday is the beginning of the church year so we'll be going for sure so that we can register Munchkin for his RE class.  Monday was, of course, Labour Day but was super rainy so we just kinda hung around the house and relaxed before getting back to our regular schedules today.  Actually, since neither of the boys are near school-age yet, we're trying to figure out a new schedule that works for the three of us. 

I had contemplated doing an Esbat for the New Moon tomorrow but as it turns out, it's also my wedding anniversary so Boo and I are going out for dinner.  This will be a big day for me because it's the first time Bean will be away from me for longer than about half an hour!

Other than that, I'm working on plans for Mabon and Munchkin's birthday...both of which are coming up faster and faster!  Don't forget Grandparent's Day this Sunday!!  Send a card, make a phonecall or if they're no longer with you, light a candle in remembrance.


  1. Leeanna

    Guess what Kally? You get to have me as your very first honest to goodness minion, follower, house slave, Cat in the Hat, whatever.
    Anywho, I thought I would thank you for joining my minions ... although I have no idea why you would. There is the 24/7 work thing with no pay and the nasty messy inevitable death. But you do get a costume (sorry no cape, the cape is for me) and a laser death ray. SOOOO, welcome aboard the blogger bunch and see you around hon.
    Oh there is something I should let you know about. The bloggers have a few rules, like no stealing stuff from somebody's blog page and just have fun with your blog writing. That's about it. Got any questions just ask.
    Tah Tah

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