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Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2010 by Kally83
Well, I've made it to mid-week. I've gotten no housework done although I did get a few other things done that I've been putting off (namely sending out invites for Munchkin's birthday and FINALLY ordering birth announcements for Bean!) Both boys have been really needy this week which has been challenging but I'm a mommy over a housekeeper so the chores will wait.
On that note, today's website is more on the domestic side than witchy. Happy hump day!

I came across Motivated Moms a couple of years ago when I first became a homemaker. Essentially, it’s a yearly chore list broken down into manageable daily chunks. I really love the set-up and it covers almost every household chore you can think of (and some that you may not!) It costs $8 to download the PDF but to me, it’s well worth the investment.
I use the “two weeks per page” version which includes a section for the regular daily chores (making beds, loading the dishwasher etc) and then a checklist for each day of that week with the cleaning/organizing to do that specific day (ie cleaning toilet, changing towels etc). You can also order it with daily Bible reading if you're into that kind of thing (hey, even now I enjoy reading it from time to time).
So if you’re looking for a way to get just a little more organized and don’t mind investing $8 a year, (I always like supporting mompreneurs!) definitely check out this website!


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