Turmoil Thursday

Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010 by Kally83
Phew, I finally made it on here! It's been a ridiculously busy day and I'm very much looking forward to it being over!! I'm so exhausted, I think I could crawl into my bed and sleep for 3 days straight! But tomorrow is October 1st and that means we're 30 days until Samhain!! I still don't have the whole month planned out but I'm working on it and really looking forward to what everyone else is posting!

In the meantime, here's today's random post. I'm quite proud of this one actually because this is the first "rit" I've put together (ok so I got the idea elsewhere but I put the ideas into one ritual and wrote the words LOL)

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy listening to podcasts. One that I’ve been working through is called A Witch’s Primer. In the first episode, he speaks about daily elemental purification and this was something I really took to heart.

PhotobucketJust as it sounds, the idea is to purify yourself daily using the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. I took this idea and made it into a complete daily ritual. In creating it, I took his idea that yoga could be used as the “earth” element at face value. I haven’t done any research on it to know exactly why yoga represents earth but I bring it down to the idea that intent is the most important thing in ritual.

You’ll need:
Yoga mat or something similar
Bottle of water
Music (optional)

I begin by laying out my yoga mat and lighting a candle nearby. It needs to be where you can see it, but ensure it’s not likely to be knocked by you or anything else. I then sit cross-legged and on my mat and say the following:
Lord and Lady, I come before you today in perfect love and perfect trust. As another day begins (or ends), I purify myself using the four sacred elements with the intention of also purifying my spirit.

Spend some time looking at the flame. Empty your mind and just observe how the flame burns. Do this for as much time or little time as you’re able (I recommend between 5-10 minutes).

Once you’re ready, begin a yoga routine. It doesn’t have to be long (mine is about 20 minutes). You could even just sit in child’s pose for a few minutes. As you perform your routine, breathe deeply and feel the oxygen filling your lungs and spreading through your whole body.

Once you’re finished, take your water, close your eyes and drink, feeling the water cool your mouth and then going down your throat. Feel the refreshment.

Thank the gods in your own way for another day and blow out the candle. All done!


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