Turmoil Thursday

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 by Kally83
Coffee's on this morning. Both boys were awake before 6am so Boo brought Munchkin downstairs to play and I nursed Bean in bed in the hopes he'd go back to sleep. He did for a little while, though not nearly as long as I would have liked. Keeping my fingers crossed for naps all around although I'm not holding much to it...in the past three months, I've only managed to nap for half an hour while both boys were down at the same time!!
I'm also super excited because the city finally delivered our green bin which means all of my organic waste can now go in there and be made into compost (and I don't have to do any of the work!) I was actually really impressed at all of the things that can go in there...my garbage pile is going to be practically non-existent now! Next step, getting Munchkin into cloth diapers (we've always had him in disposables but since he'll be potty-training soon we held off...but it looks like he's not ready yet and Bean will be able to wear whatever we buy Munchkin so it's a definite investment anyway!) Now, onto today's blog:

In keeping with last week’s theme of using natural products, today’s posting is a book recommendation for Pure Baking Soda For Baking, Cleaning & Deodorizing by Christine Halvorson.
I know there’s quite a few of these types of books around (I think there’s a salt one amongst others), however the only one I currently own is this one so that’s all I feel qualified to talk about.
I LOVE this book. It has so many great ideas. There were a few that I already knew but for the most part they were all new. It’s broken down into 10 sections with my favourites being ‘Dogs, Cats, and Other Critters’,’ Baby Care’ and ‘Baking Soda Throughout the House’.
I use baking soda mostly to clean and deodorize my carpets. With two little boys, two cats and a dog, my carpets taking a real beating but I don’t want to use commercially-made products in case one of my little charges ends up ingesting it. It’s also fantastic for keeping down odours which is great since both of my boys are still in diapers and my dog probably should be!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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