Web Wednesday

Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by Kally83
I can't believe September is almost over!! October 1st is on Friday and I'm so excited for The Domestic Witch's 2010 Halloween Blog Party! I was originally only going to participate on Saturday's but I liked the idea so much, I decided to try and make all of my posts (minus Tuesday's of course) somehow related to Samhain.
That being said, today's post is a little shorter because I've been so busy trying to get stuff together for October that I neglected today (yep, totally slipped my mind that we had one more Wednesday in September).

PhotobucketPick Your Own is a great website to find pick-your-own farms in your state (and even your province!!). Considering it’s predominantly an American website, I was really impressed at the amount of farms that were listed for my city in Ontario!! In fact, that’s how we found the orchard we attended. It also has loads of great articles about canning and freezing your produce. It’s not just limited to apples either...you can find just about any berry, vegetable, honey and of course, a Christmas tree. Plus, if you’re looking for organic, they have those listings as well (I finally figured out where to get an organic turkey nearby!) The season is coming to an end but this may help out come Yule when you’re looking for a tree!


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