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Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2010 by Kally83
Web WednesdayBrighid is probably one of the most well known Celtic deities. She is a classic triple goddess, representing maiden, mother and crone. Throughout history, there have been priestesses maintaining Her flame. Like many pagan deities, She was transformed into a Saint when the Church began converting the early Celts. Today, Her flame is maintained by an order of nuns at Her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland.

I stumbled upon this website in one of my many random searches. The Ord Brighideach International was created as a way of encouraging followers of Brighid (in both Her forms as Goddess and Saint) to tend Her flame and spend time in prayer or meditation to Her. The site consists of a number of cills where you register to take a 24 hour shift. There are 20 shifts total, however only 19 need to be taken by users as it is said that on the 20th day, Brighid herself tends the flame.

I signed up for two shifts with two different cills (one all female and one co-ed). So far, I’ve done two shifts and am finding it a really positive experience for my spiritual path. Much like my full moon Esbats, it forces me to spend time getting to know my patron Goddess and contemplating my spiritual path which is something I don’t always find a lot of time for. The site has forums although currently, they aren’t very busy.

If you are a follower of Brighid, I highly recommend joining the Ord.


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